Friday, February 20, 2009

Ruby Roulette is moving in...

Seeing as how I moved house last week it seemed like a could time to move blog spots too! I was at Wordpress but became so unmotivated that I decided to jump ship and start again. I will probably post a few things from my old blog along the way to get the ball rolling.
Well as I mentioned I moved house last week, which has come with it's ups and downs! Silly girl that I am didn't check for one of the most important factors when moving into a new place... is it quiet?! Nooooo! Turns out my room faces a main road with a constant flow of traffic meaning the only way I can sleep is to take a healthy dose of (herbal) sleeping pills and stuff my ears with cotton buds. And then if I'm quite lucky I might get a couple of hours shut eye! I've decided to give it a month and if I'm not used to it by then I will have to consider moving:( So if anybody has any great tips on how to get to sleep I'd love to hear them! A girl does need her beauty rest you know.

Anyway on the upside I took a walk down the road yesterday (slacking off from work... very naughty) to explore my new neighbourhood and was thrilled discover a little old antique shop ready to burst at the seams. After a bit of browsing, the lovely shop assistant pointed me to a cabinet tucked in the corner that was stacked with old womens magazines from the early 1950's. I spent the next hour crouched on the floor flicking through these musty pages in delight and eventually bought a stack! I will be sure to post some of the interesting articles as I work my way through them.

I then continued on down the street in search of a coffee only to find some more treasures...
This sweet little pink cardigan which reminds me so much of the ones we had for ballet classes (I'm almost embarassed to admit that the pink cardigan and tutu were probably the only reasons why I insisted on learning ballet at all!)
And this gorgeous little two button swing coat which is perfect for warm summer evenings like we're having at the moment (yes I know it could do with an iron!)

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