Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hunting for treasure...

I haven't written in for ever, I'm sorry that's been very naughty of me! Whilst MIA I have had time to find some delicious treats though. I discovered this amazing shop (actually it's two shops now, imagine a quirky museum... only everything is for sale! You can find anything from old dentist chairs, to taxidermy, to wonderful furniture. The only problem is that it is a bit of a mission to find because it is tucked away in the old orchards of West Auckland.

The first thing I saw and fell in love with was this couch (sorry the photo was taken in the shop). Although the label said 1950's, I think it might be a little bit older than that. It was clearly made during a time when furniture was still made to stand the test of time. Unfortunately it won't quite fit up the narrow staircase of my house so I can't get it into my room! I'm terrified it's going to get ruin downstairs, or that somebody might spill a glass of red wine on it.

The next item I didn't so much find, as it found me. About six months ago two elderly ladies came into work and left forgetting a plastic bag containing this adorable purse...

So it sat in the back office for a long time waiting to be reclaimed, until one day we decided that it was time to be re-adopted... to me!! The inside label says Coco and Frank, it at about 30cm in length it's actually a lot bigger than it appears in the photo.
But the find that I am most proud of and in love with is this handbag. I found it at a hospice shop and bought it for only $10. It has two compartments, one to use as a purse, the other as a make up compartment complete with a mirror. And to top it off it looked like it had never been used before.

Anyway because I haven't posted for so long I could leave a long list of treasures I've found but I'll spread them out over several posts. I can tell you though that my vintage hat collection has multiplied recently!
Anyway until next time.

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