Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Getting crafty

Sorry haven't had anything to post lately. To be honest I've been a bit of a misery guts in the last week or so, I think mainly due to the fact that I'm about to be another year older and realizing that that is another year I'll never get back! Anyway enough of that. I got some new hats which always makes me happy! Only one of these are vintage but with a bit of imagination I could pretend that the others are too...

Jacoll vintage hat (with the price tag still attached!)

New straw sun hat (now all I need is some sun!)

Top hat with creamy lemon lace
And finally one of my own creations. This was my first attempt at making a pill box hat. It turned out a little bit smaller than I had intended, and looks a tad messy (no thanks to the fabric glue I used! I really can't recommend 'Uhu Creativ', it takes forever to dry, does NOT dry clear as stated on the packet, and the fumes are so bad that you end up feeling completely sick from it). Anyway for a first go I think the hat could have turned out worse, i will definitely be experimenting more in the future.

My first attempt at a pill box hat.

Oh and one last thing, I also found these little dolls (?) hats at spotlight. I think they may just a little bit on the small side (yes I do think it is possible to go too small when it comes to hats!), but I thought I'd get a couple and see what I can do with them anyway.

Ok that's enough with the hat business.

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