Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hole in my pocket

My spending has gotten out of control. I seem to have quite literally lost all self control and manage to convince myself that my life depends on purchasing that dress/ hat/ book/ sofa/etc! I have quite a few things I need to save up for like
- a new car (mine gave up its ghost a few weeks ago)
- a trip to Melbourne in November
- a road trip to the South Island in summer with my best friend who is coming over from Germany
- new curtains for my room
Anyway so I have to put myself on a complete internet shopping ban for a while until I've recovered from my shopping addiction!
Having said that I found this Etsy shop that is just selling THE most adorable vintage dresses. It says on their page that they bought an old Estate and the lady that used to live there saved all her amazing clothes over the decades and they were left here. These are the ones I came very close to buying this morning (but didn't because the cost of shipping to this side of the world is staggering).

Gingham dress (1950s)

Paridot pleats dress (1950s)

Brown wiggle dress (1960s)

They are actually incredibly reasonably priced so if anybody is living a little closer and is interested in them check out Small Earth Vintage at Etsy,

Ok I better get back to work.


  1. what stunning dresses, they would certainly make my summer day!....just one more dress for the...road

  2. Oh I know! It's taking all the willpower I have not to just buy them with my credit card and deal with the money side of things later!