Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lolita and friends...

Today I finished up at work early so that I could go and catch the Japanese street fashion show at the Japan festival. I have to say that the festival on a whole was a bit of a let down. There were mostly just food stalls (which don't get me wrong I'm not complaining about!), a few booths advertising Japanese tourism, a place to go and give Calligraphy a go, and then there was the fashion show. It was all pretty unorganised but despite that there was some very cute Lolita and Cosplay outfits. My sister and I went to Tokyo a couple of years back to go and check out the fashion in Harajuku, which in its prime must have been just amazing! Anyway so this was pretty exciting for us. Oh and once again I'm sorry about the quality of the photos, I think it might be time for a new camera because mine just won't do as it's told anymore grr.

Anyway you get the idea.

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