Sunday, November 29, 2009

The end of another great weekend (Part one)...

So it's Monday morning now, it's grey miserable weather outside despite the fact the it's supposed to be almost summer, I'm broke, I've run out coffee, and I'm not feeling at all enthusiastic about the spring clean I had planned for the house today. BUT all that doesn't feel anywhere near so bad when you've just had a great weekend! I took the day off work on Saturday so that I could go to the Grey Lynn festival. It's basically just a day where everybody gets together and hangs out in the park to listen to music, eat amazing food and buy all sorts of things you don't really need from hippies traveling through town in beautiful gypsy caravans. I've been going to this festival every year since I was young, so although it was threatening to rain all day it was still a lot of fun. I found a whole heap of new treasures there as well (yes I bought MORE handbags!).

Then I found this little pot which is really nothing special only I thought it looked so pretty.

I also snatched up this old suitcase which needs fixing up on the inside a little but will be just perfect to store all the hoards of things I have!

Then I was walking past a garage sale late in the afternoon and stopped to admire this little mirror when the lady told me just to take it because she was finishing up for the day. I absolutely love it so was quite chuffed with myself!

Then lastly my favourite find of the day was this gorgeous pelican dress by The Vested Gentress. I googled this label and found that people go quite mad collecting these old dresses because of the crazy prints that are on them. Sadly it's just a little big for me so I will probably get it taken in some.

I'll put Sunday on a new Post because I don't want to bore you completely to death...


  1. Oh you buy some fab things! I'm quite tight with my money (lack there of..) so I never buy ANYTHING but then I get so jealous when I see your finds online hehehe. I miss Grey Lynn festival from when I was living in Auckland. Fun x

  2. Ha oh trust me I am SO broke it's not even funny! But a) I think I am actually addicted to finding all this old stuff so I seem to lack any restraint, and b) I very rarely shop at expensive vintage boutiques but rather all the funny little shops out in the suburbs where like is still cheap!