Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dress alterations

I was wondering how everyone goes about getting clothes altered? Obviously when you're buying vintage or second hand things are just sometimes not going to fit right and although it pains me to start cutting and altering them it seems like a bigger waste not to wear them because they don't quite fit right! Maybe you remember this dress that I bought recently...

Well it is about 2 sizes to big for me and after thinking about it for a long time I finally decided that I'm just going to get it taken in so that I can actually wear instead of just having it hanging in my cupboard for me to admire. So today I took it to the best tailor I could find in town (I'm assuming they're the best because they have won 'Best tailor' awards several years in a row) but imagine my shock when the alteration bill came to over $100! I only paid $10 for the dress in the first place! I love the dress so much that I am going ahead with it anyway but it did leave me wondering how everybody else deals with these things. Is it worth it in the long run if something is just too precious to have somebody else make a mistake on?


  1. RE Smiths bar: oooo, that sounds so so cool, and looks AMAZING - if we dress up it is going to make wonderful pictures for our blogs!!
    i am super keen. The only day i cant do is the 29th.
    i will post this on my blog too.

  2. hello! i've just come across your blog. it's lovely :)

    i have learned how to hem, as it's something i have to do a lot (i'm short!!) but for everything else, i send dresses to my mother, because she's an amazing seamstress. the cost of tailors is pretty exorbitant. do you have a friend whose mother sews? something like that helps.

    good luck with the dress!