Monday, December 14, 2009

Mr Pearl

Good morning. This is just a very brief post but I wanted to share this short film that I pinched off Dita Von Tease's twitter page. It is about her lovely corset maker Mr Pearl featuring Dita. Somehow it won't let me post the movie on here so here is the link A portrait of elusive and legendary corset-maker Mr Pearl

Unfortunately it's in two parts and the second part isn't out yet. These photos are from Coilhouse magazine who also did an article on him. I personally love the feeling of wearing a proper corset on occasion but I would never take it to this extreme!


  1. great post,my gift for christmas from my parents is custom made corset, I cant wait to see it

  2. Ooo wow you lucky thing! You'll have to do a post on it when you get it. Is it being made by a lady in Christchurch by any chance?

  3. Hi Ruby and Rosina..
    I am going up to Auckland for 3 weeks and was
    wondering if you would like to get together after xmas? I dunno - we could dress up and do high tea, or have an old fasioned picnic in the park?
    I have discovered that there is an auction on the 6th Jan at Green Bay auctions that I am super keen to check out, whaddya reckon about joining me?

  4. I love corsets too, but whenever I see someonewith an extremely cinched one I can't help but go 'Ouch"!' for a moment :)

  5. I agree! I like them to a certain point and it just starts looking like a health risk.

  6. Did you see Rosina's post on my blog? i wonder if we could meet up a few days before new years? Let me know how free you are.

  7. oooh I want a corset!!! awsome post!
    And Dita Von Tease is a superb laday.