Monday, June 7, 2010

Save a little life...

Sorry for the lack of interesting posts as of late. I think I've mentioned from time to time recently that I haven't been feeling terribly inspired (something I'm sure will pass). Anyway the past week has been especially difficult because we found out that our youngest dog (3 years old) has cancer and the vet has said there is nothing he can do for her. It is absolutely heart breaking to watch her get weaker everyday and refuse any kind of food. She is the sweetest little dog you could ever hope to meet and wants nothing more than never ending cuddles. We're still staying hopeful that by some miracle she will recover and we'll be able to spoil her with cuddles for many more years to come.

Luca fresh from the beach

Anyway so when I read about Jake on The Apron Campaign
it all felt quite close to home and I felt like I needed to re-post the message. The author of this blog recently found out that her own pup has cancer and is trying to raise the money for urgent treatment by selling aprons. They are really cute aprons in vintage fabrics and are only $20, go check it out!




  1. i'm so sorry to hear that girl.

  2. It's just so terribly sad, I'm so sorry for you, and for your dog. Having a dog myself I'm just too aware that something like that can happen, but hopefully he has still many years to come. Lots of hugs to you!

  3. I"m so sorry to hear about your pup. :(

  4. Oh how sad for you :(
    Our beautiful dog is very ill now and she can hardly walk and is getting so thin. It's so heartbreaking, you just wish you could do something to stop their pain. I'm going to check out the Apron Campaign now. xx

  5. Thanks you guys so much for your comments, it really means a lot. She's still hanging in there at the moment but hasn't really eaten anything for over a week now so is getting very weak.
    Stefanie: I'm so sorry to hear about your dog too :(. All the best.

  6. oh so sad - my thoughts are with you, such a cute doggie!

  7. Oh big big hug! I'm so sad to read about your darlin' dog :-(