Monday, January 31, 2011

By George I've finally done it! Welcome to my little shop...

Today I thought to myself, enough mucking around!  I have vintage clothing coming out of my ears, I mean it is literally taking over the place and I have been talking about this for SO long.  It still needs a lot of work (as is evident from the shocking state of my photos) but I thought there is no point in having all these clothes just lying around, they may as well sit online at least!  I will be listing new items everyday, so far I have been working my way through various tops.  A lot of what I have posted about over the last year will be going up for sale in the store, I especially can't wait to start listing all those beautiful hats! 
Here is what's in store so far...


I am really looking forward to getting my blogs tidied up.  Although I will still be posting shop updates on this blog, the majority of it will be happening over here at Dashfield Vintage. So I would definitely suggest adding the Dashfield blog to you daily reads.  You will also find links to twitter and Facebook over on the other blog. I am really looking forward to turning Poppy Lane into a more personal blog posts on things other than just what new vintage finds I have.
So there you have it.  I am very excited about this year and all the great things I have planned for it!

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