Friday, January 28, 2011

Playing house, playing dress ups (long post, be warned!)

What a silly title... I just couldn't think of anything else right now!
Anyway so we finally finally moved into our new home!  Although there is still a whole lot of unpacking and organising to do it is a huge relief to know that we aren't going to have to move again any time soon.  The new place is taking a little getting used to because we have gone from living in the middle of the city to being out in the country.  So far there have been a lot of sleepless nights thanks to a ruthless swarm of mosquito's that eat us alive while we lay tossing and turning!
Neither of us are what you might call minimalists, in fact I think a better way to describe us would be hoarders and collectors.  So I always sort of enjoy that first week of moving into a new house where you haven't unpacked yet and the house is bare.  It makes me feel like I am staying in a hotel or something!  Here's what it looks like at the moment (trust me it will only be a matter of days before chaos ensues).
The living room

The bedroom (notice the mosquito net?  I promise you it's not just there to look pretty!)

The toilet

The dining room

The kitchen (yes it is rather in a mess from unpacking, sorry!)

Anyway so there you have it!  The house needs a bit of work done to it and a few paint jobs but other than that I am incredibly relieved to be here and out of that horrible place we had in town.

This morning I decided to try and take photo's in front of what I thought would be the perfect wall.  Unfortunately we have been hit by a tropical cyclone today which means one minute it is pouring with rain and the next the sun is shinning in full force.  This meant that the lighting was all over the place, very frustrating.  I was also trying to decide whether I should use photo's of myself wearing the clothing or whether I should just put them all on mannequins.  As it turns out I wasn't very happy with myself as a model at all so I think I will stick to the mannequins!  Anyway no point in wasting the photo's so here are some of the ones I took this morning (I know it is very rare to actually see photo's of me because although I love other peoples blogs where they post a lot of pictures of themselves, I am strangely shy about doing it myself.  So enjoy!).
P.S.  Notice how messy my hair is... that's what a tropical cyclone does... insane humidity = uncontrollably frizzy hair! Grrr.



  1. I love your sofa, and the poster of Elvis above the loo! I also think you hair looks great like that :)

  2. Good luck in your new place~moving is both exhausting and exciting! Your outfits are great!Zootsuitmama

  3. I love your new place! Rather jealous actually!

    Also my favourite pictures are 2,5,6 & 9, those outfits look stunning on you.


  4. Those are fantastically lovely outfits! And I'm actually loving the mosquito net..seriously! It looks so floaty and gauzy (and functional too, I hope!). :D

  5. Thanks guys! Can't wait to get everything unpacked and settled in.

  6. That looks like a very promising place, can't wait to see the result! And you look absolutley beautiful!