Monday, February 14, 2011

Some little girls never grow up...

I have to admit I'm not the worlds biggest fan of Betsey Johnson's clothing label.  Some of her dresses are really cute on occasion but for the most part I find them to be almost trashy.  Having said that I DO have this odd fascination with her apartment though.

But then I stumbled across her holiday villa in Mexico and I thought yup I could definitely see myself spending the holidays there!  I don't think I could handle so much colour on a daily basis but when I'm on holiday I say YES!

I think that so often as we get older we feel like we have to limit ourselves sensible colours, sensible furniture, sensible decor. It's a shame really, home decorating should be about having fun and creating a little nest that totally reflects yourself and nobody else!  
In case you haven't noticed I have a bit of a weak spot for interior decorating, I especially love it when it gets quirky.  In fact I follow some peoples blogs just for the off chance that I might get a peek at their homes.  Here are a few of my favourites;

Nicole Balch of Making It Lovely .  She has made a blog of documenting the renovations of her house from top to bottom.

 Miss James from Bleubird Vintage.  I am currently obsessed with this blog, I swear this is the cutest little family there ever was!

The Freelance Fashion Blogger.  This gal just has the most amazing sense of style and taste,  sometimes I wonder if she could ever get it wrong!

Deluxeville Oh how I have swooned over this little house!  Sadly it is up for sale now because its lovely owner is getting married and moving.  I'm sure her new place will be equally amazing though!

Sf Bay Girl This blog pretty much purely focuses on interior decorating and design.  Every now and then she does house tours of some really interesting people.  I also love this blog for having introduced me to to The Selby.  It's worth checking out if you haven't before!

The Selby Ever wondered what the homes of some the worlds creative people look like?  I'm nosey that way!

And lastly the Adventures of Lucy-Mae That's my little sister!  I have loved watching what her house has evolved into and am really proud of the progress she has made with it.



  1. I'm so flattered!!! Glad you like how my home is (slowly) coming together, I must post some proper pictures at some stage.

    You're amazing at interior decorating, I'm always so envious of the spaces you create!