Friday, February 11, 2011


Do you ever go through those fazes where you feel a little uninspired by the content of your blog?  The main focus of this blog has always been vintage.  As much as I love vintage everything I do get a little bit sick of talking about it all the time and I'm sure you get sick of listening to it too.  Now that I have the Dashfield Vintage blog for all my vintage finds/ shop updates I feel that maybe it would be nice to turn this one into more of a personal blog.  I do have other interests after all!  What do you guys think?  What are the kinds of things you like to read about in other peoples blogs?  I have thought about what always draws me to certain blogs and I suppose they are usually,
a) quite personal
b) have great photos
c) have a simple but bright and friendly layout
d) have weekly themes
e) are updated regularly not randomly

I have more time on my hands at the moment so would really like to take the opportunity to turn this blog into a real little slice of ME.
I would be grateful for any ideas, constructive criticism and advice.
Thank you:) xx


  1. Yea do it! My blog is full of shit haha..I used to use it to rant when I was bored at work and surf the net/other peoples blogs all day. ha. but then people i knew stumbled upon it so i deleted heaps of content and now i have the sit but it doesn't really interest me. i like photos :)

  2. Ha ha I know what you mean, I sort of want to remain anonymous and am always slightly embarrassed when people I know read it! But then again I always love reading other peoples blogs when they get personal! I still love reading your blog by the way.

  3. Yes, I feel often uninspired by my blog!!! :) Sometimes I can't come up with anything and then being very surprised when I'm getting a lot of comments on something I thought was a little boring... It's hard to know. And I get very embarrassed also when I find out someone I know read my blog, like I would be a little narcistic having a blog with pictures of me in it, you know...
    I guess I'm drawn to most blogs of the same reasons as you are, most of the blogs I read are vintage themed but some of them also having other things, like food...

  4. Well I'm very glad to know that I'm not the only one who feels like a narcissistic for having a blog! I guess humans are nosey by nature so that's why we love it when blogs get personal!