Thursday, March 17, 2011

And we're back!

Hello hello,
Thank you for baring with me here while I switch from the old blog to the new one here.  This new blog is also going to be a little bit different to what it was.  It has transformed from being a simple shop update blog to my own new little corner of the web.  I am filling it with all the things I love, everything from food to fashion to DIY projects.  I always held back in my other blog and was too shy to share much about myself... well not this time baby!  This time we're going to get right into the grit of things, so buckle your braces.  If you are new and we haven't been formerly introduced yet then feel free to go and check out my FAQ page or even my old blog.  I have missed blogging an awful lot over the last few weeks so am very excited to get back into it.
P.S you will still notice a few changes over the coming weeks, this is because the blog isn't actually entirely finished yet.  I just grew impatient and couldn't wait any longer!

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