Friday, March 25, 2011


This week has had its ups and downs. I seem to keep going from being ecstatically happy about my life, to being downright miserable and frustrated that things aren't happening as fast as I want!
So this week I:
- Kept up my gym workouts and they are starting to get easier (yus!!)
- Turned a huge bag of fejoia's from the garden into a small pot of fejoia stew to eat with muesli or ice cream.
- Spend hours on the internet emailing between various people in order to get a website made (more about that another time).
- Caught up with my dad and looked through some old family photos
- Went into town with my family and had Japanese for dinner.
- Worked hard on renovating my furniture.
- Hung out with my sister  who made the most amazing cinnamon brioche bread I have ever tasted in my LIFE!
- Took my first Frock Friday outfit photos (they need a little work but I'm sure I'll improve).
- Proceeded to look for a new job.
Hmmm yes it has been a quiet week!  It has been nice to take some time off and have a break but man am I ready to get things moving again!


  1. What a nice collage... and week!

  2. I love these weekly collages you do! They're great.