Monday, April 11, 2011

It's the little things

Can anybody please tell me why the smaller vintage clothing get, the cuter it is??  I found these little pieces last week and think they are just beyond adorable!  It makes me want to have a baby just so that I have an excuse to keep all these little clothes (hmmm is that a valid reason?).

I also found a few other cute items... for the grown ups.

This beautiful mens vanity case was made in South Africa.  I was quite surprised at this because I have actually never come across anything from there before.  We have a large South African community around where I live now though so I guess it's not entirely surprising.

Oh and in other news, I got new gumboots!! 


  1. Thank you:)
    Yes there will definitely be some vintage for the little ones as well! I don't have any of my own children (yet) but I love childrens vintage and am always trying to hunt it down.

  2. I love love the shoes! I too am very excited that there are shops like this happening in good ol' NZ.....they always seem to be abroad! All the best x