Friday, April 8, 2011


Oh man I am so tired right now that I can hardly type!   I got up at 6:30am in order to head out to my favourite monthly garage sale.  I usually find a ton of exciting things there but some how the thrifting gods weren't on our side today!  I did manage to get a stack of new (old) picture frames to make more chalkboards out of.  In general it has been a great and productive week...
- Managed to finally pull together a photo shoot for my soon to be revealed project and got some fantastic shots.
- Got all my unpleasant yearly health check ups at the doctors out of the way.  Now I just have a dentist appointment left.
- Did a huge amount of second hand shopping.  It's all sitting here in piles waiting to be washed and repaired.
- Got a body composition test done at the gym and got the best results I could ever hope for!  
- Was a little slack with the gym this week but will definitely get back into it next week.  Woohoo go body!  We've sure had our ups and downs so it's nice to finally be on top of things.
- Celebrated my youngest sisters 18th birthday.  It makes me feel very old because I still clearly remember the day she was born.  She has turned into the most amazing person.
As of Monday life is going to start getting pretty busy and I am very excited.  Although it feels like I am so overwhelmed with everything I need to do that I don't actually end up getting much done at all!
Hope you had a great week.


  1. oooh the picture frame chalk board idea sounds sooooo cool! I wish we had some kinda monthly garage sale here, there's nothing like that :(

  2. Yeah I was VERY excited when a friend told me about this one. There are just rows of tables piled high with clothes! It's heaven!