Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Big Dream...

Years ago my sister and I spent a few days in Singapore exploring the city, and I saw something that sparked a huge dream!  I worked in cafes and bars for over ten years and although I may have grumbled sometimes (who doesn't get sick of their job on occasion), I also loved it.  The fast pace atmosphere and the crazy people I met along the way suited me really well.  I used to always say that working in the hospitality industry is the closest I would ever get to fulfilling my childhood dream of joining the circus!  Anyway I'm getting side tracked, back to Singapore.  In the little part of town dedicated to all things Japanese, we came across the sweetest store and attached to it was an equally adorable ice cream parlour.  Ever since then I have had wild dreams of opening a place that would combine my love and interest in cafe life with my obsession and love for vintage clothing.  For years I talked about it, created scrapbooks full of ideas and took on jobs where I thought I might be able to learn more about running my own places.  But somehow I lacked the courage.  I made endless excuses about how the economy was bad, how I didn't know what I was doing, how I didn't want to do it alone.  The truth is I was (and still am) terrified of failure.  In fact this fear of failure has pretty much stopped me from perusing any dreams I have ever had... I'm wondering whether it might be about time to grab life by the horns and show it who's boss!  I have reached a point where I want what I want so badly that nothing else really satisfies me (does that make sense?).

I suppose that sub-consciously I have been working towards this little dream of mine for quite sometime now.  But lately it has been more than ever.  I have secretly been browsing the real estate pages in areas that I think have shop potential... if nothing else then just to get an idea of lease costs.  I have read numerous 'small business' advice articles and books.  I recently signed up for a small business economics course in order to get my head around taxes etc.  Oh and I am also going to be doing a sewing course (although I am quite capable of doing basic sewing) so that I can learn how to do my own alterations. Running a shop and a cafe at the same time means double the work which is always a bit of a problem.  For years now I have been trying to convince my sister to work on this with me because if your read her blog you'll know that  her baking is out of this world.  She would be so perfect at running the cafe side of things.  So far no luck though so worst case scenario I would just have to start with the shop and eventually have it include a cafe as well.

Obviously there are a lot of amazing people out there doing amazing things.  People like the Red Velvet girls are a huge inspiration. If you haven't checked out their site then you absolutely must!  They have managed to combine their love for sweet treats, vintage and craft to create a one stop shop full of amazing treasures.  Although I imagine my store to be quite different to theirs, I am really inspired by the fact that they are a couple of gals the same age as me who took their dreams and made them a reality.  It's plain to see that they live and love what they do. What more could anybody possibly want?

I have always dreamed of owning a vintage caravan (actually I have always dreamed of living in a caravan, but I think that resorts back to my childhood dreams of running away with the circus!) so naturally another huge dream of mine would be to own a little mobile vintage shop.  The ones above are SO adorable I can hardly stand it!  I already have stalls at a lot of markets but wow it would be great to have everything contained in this cute caravan and not have to pack and unpack the car, set up stalls and tables etc.  The lovely stores above are;
1. Haberdash Vintage
2. Oh So Lovely Vintage
3. Lune Vintage 
4. Wanderlust

I get told quite frequently that I should consider hiring my clothes out to stylists. I have so many treasures tucked away that I would never in a million years part with.  Sadly this means they spend a life time safely tucked away and never seen.  In that sense it could be a good idea to hire them out for extra special fashion shoots etc.  On the other hand I have worked in a costume hire place before and know from experience that no matter how careful one is (or claims to be), accidents do happen.  I would just die if anything ever happened to some of these clothes so i would have to be quite selective and very strict!  Hmmm anyway just another idea.

Idea's are something I certainly don't have a shortage of, but a good dose of courage with a swift kick up the backside to get them into action is definitely necessary!  I have an amazingly supportive and encouraging partner and family so the only thing that is holding me back... is me!

Phew anyway it feels good to get all of that off my chest!


  1. Wow, lots of wonderful ideas you have. I hope you act on them! I wanted my own shop forever and never did it. Now I am a new mom so it will wait again. I hope you don't wait as long!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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  2. What great ideas! My younger sisters big dream is to open up a vintage shop, I think it's sooo wonderful. Love your blog!


  3. Thank you! :) Hopefully things will fall into place very soon. xx

  4. This is such an inspiring post; it makes me want to put more thought into my dream of opening a thrift store. My daughter's best friend wants to open up some sort of baker sweets shop. I'm following now after reading this great post! Debbie