Monday, August 15, 2011

Swoon: Bubble house

We have been swooning over this bubble house designed by Pierre Cardin and Antti Lovag all morning!  Situated in the South of France, this is a futuristic, Barbarella like, African inspired dream house!

I mean seriously wouldn't you just want to be character all the time if you lived here?!

* All images were borrowed from Shelterness (one of my new favourite websites).  You can also check out more about this house here and here.


  1. OMG its amaaaaazing!!! Logan's Run-ish too!
    I think one would have to be in character,and be swanning around with futuristic cocktails!That circular bed!!!OH!

    PS:Mum's the word re the puffer jacket!

  2. Haha! Awesome. Looks very 60's futuristic California and Barbarella indeed. Oh...

  3. Amazing isn't it!
    Helga: Ha ha thank you (regarding the jacket)!