Saturday, September 3, 2011

Birthday weekend (Part 1)

Yay I survived another birthday!  I'm usually not a fan of birthdays at all, I really don't like all the attention, but this year I thought what the hell!  After all it is my last year of being 'in my 20's!  So for two days I had fun.  On the first day (my actual birthday) I went to my mum's place in the morning to have waffles, hot cherries and whipped cream for breakfast.  After that my sister and I headed to the Devonport  Navy Museum to check out a small exhibition about fashion during the second world war.  It actually ended up being very interested, especially in learning how women got creative during times of clothing rations. 

Then although it was a cold blustering day we decided to drive up North Head.  North Head is actually a dormant volcano (of which we have many in Auckland).  During the second world war the army tunnelled through this mountain to prepare in case of Japanese invasion.  So the area up there is full of abandoned buildings, tunnels and canons.  A lot of these tunnels are closed off for obvious safety reasons, but some are still open and you can wander through them with a torch.  We didn't end up doing that but it was still fun to explore around the old bunkers and buildings.  Some are really quite creepy!

We headed home after that for an awesome lunch and then prepared for dinner!  But more about that in part two (sorry there are too many photos to all put into one post).
P.S how cute does my sister look in these photos!

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  1. Glad you had as much fun as I did! I think we should have some kind of adventure like this every birthday :)