Thursday, September 29, 2011

Favourite finds this week!

After clearing out a whole lot of stock, what did I do??  I went out the next day and bought some more of course!  I love those days when you're not even intending to go out hunting for treasures but come across a whole loot anyway!  It ranges from the deliciously summery to the soft synthetic 70s to the luscious 50s!

Cute huh!  I saved my favourite for last.  I wish you could feel just how soft this top is, it is made of the most fantastic white angora and has faux diamond buttons that run all the way down.  My heart almost stopped when I spotted it!


  1. The first dress is so bright and colourful and I love the first skirt. The cardigan looks so soft and snuggly x

  2. These are all lovely but I agree that fuzzy angora sweater at the bottom has me swooning!

  3. Oh my god, that angora cardigan is amazing!! Love the tartan circle skirt too.