Saturday, October 8, 2011

Attempting rag curls

Oh my goodness me isn't life funny the way it can go from slow and dull to WAY too busy in such a short space of time.  Sales have recently shot up so fast that some days I worry I might run out of stock (not that I am complaining at all mind you), I have also been continuing to source stock and work on my 'real life' store (more about that in another post), oh and the last two days I have been doing what I like to call 'man work' ie helping my step father build a portable bar for a wine company.  Any one who knows me would be mildly surprised if not amused at the thought me sanding, hammering and gluing but hey, he needed the help and I needed the cash so why not!  The only down side is that I am now covered in scratches and bruises, have a pulled muscle in my wrist, and some horribly rough hands from all that sanding.  Anyway as I result I felt like I needed to do something to counter balance this man work, so after watching a very inspiring little tutorial on rag curls over at The Fiercest Lilliputian I thought I'd give it a go myself.
Now I must warn you that in most of these photos I am not wearing any make up and have just come home after having a shower at my mums house (due to the fact that the water coming out of our taps right now is a disturbing brown colour and smells like something died in the pipes... oh the joy of living off tank water!).

Late last night:
1. Freshly washed, towel dried hair
2. Rag curls in (may need some practice still)
3. Scarf turban around head because I feel WAY too silly being seen the way I do in photo 2.  In fact to be honest I quickly rushed to be and turned off the lights so that my partner wouldn't see me like this!

First thing this morning:
4. Just woke up, rags are looking... well raggedy but surprisingly enough all still in my hair.  Found scarf somewhere at the bottom of the bed. Definitely didn't have the most comfortable sleep with these rolls all over my head.
5. Rags out and looking silly!
6. Some evidence of curl!  Hair still slightly wet though so had breakfast in the sun to help it dry faster
(probably should have left rags in).

Getting ready to go out:
Had to rush out this morning so sadly didn't have time to take any photos while my hair was in its prime. Already started to look a little frizzy by the time I got home.  Probably need more product next time!

Hair do worked quite nicely with one of my favourite vintage hats that I bought in a Paris vintage store a few months back.

A blog post with me in it wouldn't really be complete without some last minute photos of me being silly... would it now?!

Oh and one last thing... look at these cute hibiscus hair flowers I found at a $2 shop this afternoon.  They look like just the right amount of kitsch that I'm going to need this summer.


  1. Ohh, lovely! I think they turned out great :)


  2. Ha,it's all crazy topsy turvy lately,isn't it!Feast to famine and back again! Jeez,you're game trying a bit of manly woodworking!!I'm sure I'd end up with bruises too!The wrist is a bit of a worry!O dear! At least it didn't interfere with getting the rags in-I've never tried this!My hair just doesn't respond to curl attempts,so this,adorable sexy as you look with them all raggedy ann-ish,I reckon just wouldn't work for me!I do like the results,a little rumply,a little friy is good!It's an old world look which is wonderful with your exotic beauty!
    DIDN'T I just rock that cape?! Thank you so much,I'm rather in love.It was perfect yesterday;it was quite cold,and got rainy,and I felt like I had a blankie around me to keep me cosy!

  3. Awwwww! I used to wear my hair in rag curls almost every day as a kid! I'll never forget that feeling of sleeping on bundles of sticky-out cloth!! Rad!! (Well, actually extremely uncomfortable - but cool results!) I need to do a comeback! Looks so cute! Hey and LOVE those hibiscus! Which $2 shop was that coz I havent seen those ones around for ages - i have one old ratty one from about 5 years ago!! :-) xoxo

  4. Ha ha thanks guys!
    Helga: Indeed it is very topsy turvy... as long as there are more feast days than famine I'm happy! YES the cape looks absolutely fantastic on you! I would be lying if I said I wasn't just a little bit envious actually!

    Anahera Moon: Did you really have them in almost everyday? Wow that's great, your mum must have had a lot of patience! I found those flowers at the $2 shop in the little Point Chev arcade. There were just hand full left, I grabbed four but I think there were still a few yellow ones left. x

  5. It was me that had the patience! Mum was nuts about them! I guess it was actually a phase that went for at least 3-4 years.... which of course seems like forever as a child! I would love to try them out again :-) I will also have to go to point chev to get some of those hibiscus beauties - thanks! :-)

  6. Well you're keeping yourself busy at least :)

    Great job with the curls, my hair's just a mess these days...