Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Guest blogging, shop updating and general tongue wagging!

The other day the lovely Kasey over at A Sparkley Silver Lining, asked me to write about my favourite things to eat, see and do in Auckland.  I usually complain about this city but when I really got thinking about it I realised that it has a lot of great things to offer too!

In other news... New items have hit Trade Me (and there are more to come this avo and tomorrow).  My favourite this week is definitely this little dress which I think would just be so perfect for Halloween!  And do you know what I love most about it?  The label is Puritan! Could it be any more fitting??...

Oh and yesterday I found the most drop dead gorgeous 1950s dresses  and a tiny little blue 50s crop jacket that fits me like a dream.  Can't wait to share them with you!  I actually wanted to do a little photoshoot today but it keeps getting dark and raining! In fact this is what our garden looked like at about 9:30 this morning.  Picture three is usually our view out to sea, but alas it disappeared due to a creepy dense fog that has been lingering around these parts for days.  See...

I love our garden, it's like this secret unsuspecting paradise tucked away at the back of the house!

In a few days we are off on holiday!  Not to anywhere special mind you, just a few hours down the coast.  We haven't had a holiday together for nearly two years though so it's high time!  We're staying in a really cute little batch (holiday house) belonging to some friends and plan to do nothing but eat, sleep and hit every second hand shop we stumble upon.  The only thing that we are slightly worried about is that this is the region where the oil spill is currently happening... so who knows, the holiday may be spend scrubbing toxic waste off the rocks with a toothbrush!

 Okay well back to work then for me.  Plenty more clothes to photograph!


  1. Oh your garden is such a haven, so so peaceful! Have a wonderful few days away and may treasure be found in abundance!!! Happiness to you V

  2. Can't wait to see the dresses you found! :) I'll have to have a look at those photos after the weekend, I don't know why they went all blurry I might have to reload them :S annoying when it does that!! Hope you enjoy your little holiday :)


  3. O my GOD I love your garden!!!!
    I hope you get some sun for a lovely photshoot there in your bound to be envy inspiring new frock!
    Nice vanity,Ava Gardner bio,love her!
    This oil thing is SO terrible,I hope you won't be affected by it.

  4. this picture has something very inspiring!
    i love your blog, you have a new follower in me!

    hope you can find some time to check out mine! Regards, Hristina