Monday, January 2, 2012

Favourite new blog discoveries for 2012

Discovering amazing new blogs is about as exciting as unwrapping presents on Christmas day!  As my interests change and grow, so do the blogs I follow.  Lately they have evolved from just vintage based ones to everything from refurbishing, to gardening, to being self employed, to inspiration, styling and writing.  One of the biggest draw cards for me though is also beautiful photography.  Anyway I thought I would share some of my new favourites.  I literally can't WAIT for these bloggers to put up their next posts!
1. An Apple a Day
I literally just discovered this blog this morning whilst eating my breakfast.  Amy is a freelance florist/ stylist who creates the most stunning rustic, down to earth arrangements. Make sure you check out her website as well, it is beyond beautiful!

2. House of Brinson

This husband/ wife team are so talented!  They make everything they do look so stunning through their amazing photographs and styling!

To say that I was envious of this blogger/ writer/ author/ stylist/ photographers life would be an understatement!  Originally from Australia, this woman lives on a houseboat in Amsterdam (one of my ultimate dreams!) but spends her time flitting around the world styling photoshoots, conjuring up amazing interior designs and writing the cutest books about hand made boutiques around Paris and Amsterdam!

I discovered Pugly Pixel last week and was blown away by the great tips and tutorials for photoshop and design!  I think what I love most about this blog is that unlike most web design sites this one is actually really cute and visually appealing.  Oh and as well as website jargon, there is also a healthy dose of outfit shots and general weekly snapshots which I love!

Okay this blog is a little different from the other ones I have mentioned today.  I originally came across it while looking for writing articles, but as it turns out this also doubles as a great self help website!  The articles are really encouraging and honest.  A great motivational pick up when you're feeling a little off colour!

So happy reading over this holiday period when everything is closed and we're forced to RELAX!


  1. All these blogs look amazing in their own way. It is so much fun peeping in on other peoples worlds! I love Pia's and look forward to seeing what she's up too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ahh! I'm new to your blog today & am loving it! I too am a huge fan of Amy Merrick's An Apple A Day, & love her photos oh-so-much. Knowing that you like her blog has me super curious about the others you chose, so thanks for the list!

    Off to check them out :)