Monday, January 30, 2012

Introducing... me!

After all your lovely comments yesterday (thank you!), I felt like I should really introduce myself properly.  I suppose the first thing I should share with you is that I am actually a pretty private person who doesn't like drawing too much attention to herself.  Not exactly ideal for a blogger right... which is why I am writing this whilst on my second glass of wine!  So as the wine flows I can divulge all sorts of silly facts about myself.
- My real name is Malayka (which means 'my angel'... how I got that name is a long story).
- At 5'10 I'm rather tall for a girl, but height runs through both sides of the family and I am 1cm shorter than my mother.
- I'm engaged to a very sweet boy who is a talented photographer
- I love to travel.  I'm absolutely in my element when I have my feet on foreign soil.
- I live for food.  I am of the opinion that there is no greater pleasure in life than glorious food (seriously, I would put great food on the same level as great sex).
- I have been on the cusp of vegetarianism my entire life.  If I do eat meat or eggs they HAVE to be free range.
- My father comes from Eritrea, a country that few people have ever heard of.
- I have a hair phobia
- I adore vintage clothing, furniture, houses, cars... I like living in the 21st century but my heart is aching for a more simple, beautiful time.
- I have several degree's and am a qualified translator and freelance writer by trade.
- The only insect I am afraid of is a house centipede, I find the way they move to be super creepy.
- I speak fluent German
- In total I have 7 siblings, but only 5 of us that grew up together.
- I am rarely without my camera.

Well there you have it, a few personal details!  I am really excited to broaden this blog and share more of my world with you.


  1. I love personal details! It's always interesting to know more about people :) Glad you decided to share, dear!


  2. Nice to know more about you!! :) it can be a bit scary sharing details about yourself but the blogging community is pretty supportive and it's nice getting a sneak peak into people's lives :)


  3. Hello Malayka! I don't blame you on the cedntipede thing...they are Satan's spawn.