Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Crushing out on Lena Hoschek

Most of you have probably heard of Lena Hoschek before.  For those of you that haven't, she is an insanely talented designer from Austria who apprenticed with her majesty Vivienne Westwood and puts a super cute vintage twist to her collections.  Her clothes are jaw droppingly (is that a word?) beautiful and her style is everything I hope mine to be!  She has this delicious way of mixing masculine and feminine styles in a way that looks sophisticated yet fun.  The only thing that has stopped me from owning every single piece in her collection (ok or any piece at all for that matter) is the rather hefty price tag.  By nature I'm not an extravagant person (possibly with the exception of food, for which I have a very expensive palette), but let me tell you, if I were ever to win Lotto this would be my first big splurge.  Definitely go and check out her Autumn catalogue, it's beautiful!

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