Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dashfield City Guide: Coatesville Market

Coatesville Market
Okay here's my first tip if you're going to check out the Coatesville Markets... go on an empty stomach because you are going to want to EAT!  There are some really great craft stalls and plenty of clever, creative people but the food really takes the cake (pun intended).  Leanne, the organiser, is quite selective about the types of stalls that she allows at the market so the quality is top notch.  If you can imagine handmade, wood fired pizza's, fresh falafel, handmade spicy sausages, hot bread, cakes like only your gran could bake and some incredible freshly squeezed juices to wash it all down.  Coatesville is a little country town in Auckland, so you find yourself driving through windy roads with paddocks and cows on either side of when all of a sudden you hit a bustle of activity and colour!

Must try: 
The deep fried garlic bread.  I know, I know sounds kind of gross but trust me it's heavenly!

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  1. EEEK! I've loved catching up on your doings!!!!

  2. Thank you:). I missed stalking your blog too while you were away!

  3. This looks like my kinda place. I can't wait for Spring to roll around so I can resume my Saturday morning trips to Farmer's Market. I can almost taste the strawberries and hazelnut goat cheese!

  4. Oh my Oh My

    I can't believe I have never been to such a market!

    I must go when the next one comes (: