Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dashfield City Guide: Little & Friday cafe

Welcome to the first post of the Dashfield City Guide!  This is one of the projects I have been wanting to do for ages now (and had originally started on a new blog... but since deciding to broaden this one I thought heck why not just add it here!).  The Dashfield City Guide is a tour of Auckland (and beyond), it will feature all those cute, quirky little cafes, shops and markets that are tucked away in side streets and hidden in unsuspecting suburbs.  Travelling and visiting new places is what I LIVE for!  And the first thing I always try to figure out is where the locals go, so I felt it only right that I should start by introducing you to my city.

Little & Friday
 This is a café after my own heart!  The minute you step through the roller door and walk past Martha’s Fabrics you find yourself in a quirky old warehouse space.  Two huge communal tables decorated with giant fishbowls (yes with actual goldfish swimming around in them), jars of cookies and old milk bottles with cinnamon and mint water fill the room.  Everything from the old fruit jars containing antique cutlery, to the white wash warehouse walls give you that delicious vintage feel.  And then the food!  Oh the glorious food!  Mouth watering savoury tarts made with sweet onion, field mushrooms and tempting cheeses.  Adorable little desserts oozing with custard and fresh fruits, dangerously rich miniature chocolaty cakes and all sorts of other sweet delights.  And like the a cherry on top everything is served on miss matched chinaware!
Yes this is definitely a place I would like to make my second home.
Best thing on the menu: 
This would definitely have to be the fruit tart.  Fresh fruit nestled on top of delicious custard.  Sooo good!
Little & Friday Newmarket
Open 8-3 Monday - Friday, 9 -3 Saturday & Sunday.
12 Melrose Street
09 524 8742
(Psst, Little & Friday also have a sister café in Takapuna)


  1. You had me with that first picture. It sounds like exactly my sort of place too. I have family in Takapuna so when I go up there I will have to check out their sister cafe.

  2. Ooh! It looks absolutely adorable. It's a shame I live in Australia!

    I've just followed your blog via Google Friend Connect : )
    Paris of Juno Barrington Vintage

  3. OMG, that cake in the first picture...