Sunday, February 5, 2012

Happy Monday: Links to Love

Major house envy over here at Design Sponge!  This home belongs to chef Adrian Richardson and his family who live in Melbourne and naturally I'm in love with it!  I'm always very drawn to that mix of old and new, I think it gives a place real character.  We are vaguely thinking about moving to Melbourne in the next couple of years so I like keeping an eye out for houses.  From what I remember there are a lot of really cute, quirky little villa's... just my thing!

These incredibly handy tips for photographing outside by A Beautiful Mess.  I basically always have my camera on me and take hundreds of photos, so I'm always excited to learn new tips and tricks.

The 'photo a day' challenge over at Fat Mum Slim. I thought that this was a really fun idea and have joined in as well.  I mean in the we all read each others blogs because we're plain nosey about other peoples lives!

 Oh me oh my it doesn't get much more beautiful than this place!  Can you believe that it is a soup and floral shop?!  Hell I would LIVE here!

 I recently discovered Love vs Design and thought it was just the coolest idea ever.  They basically provide you with templates for all sorts of cool invites etc so that you can print them off yourself!  My only wish is that they would do stationary beyond just wedding stuff.  So cute though!

In my opinion Vixen Vintage is the vintage queen!  She's always perfectly dresses AND shares some fantastic tips, especially about those things that you've always wanted to know but have been slightly ashamed to ask.  In this post she explains what to do with a hat pin!  Seriously, did you ever actually know how to use one? I didn't!

Here's something not so secret... I'm obsessed with interior design!  Seriously I spend hours drooling over blogs, books and magazines about the subject.  Heck my favourite rainy day activity used to be (when I lived to Europe) to go to Ikea and wander through all the different room layouts.  Yup there's just no denying it, I'm an interior geek!  Anyway so I got quite excited when I found this beautiful blog today  This lady has a style after my own heart!

Have a great week.

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