Monday, February 6, 2012

Photo a day: a stranger/ 10am/ dinner

 I was sitting outside drinking my morning coffee when this little guy came and sat next to me.  He hung out for a while cleaning himself before continuing on with his day.  Bumble bees are just so cute, I especially love their clumsiness... maybe they remind me of myself.

We quickly shot out into the garden to take a few photos for Rosina Lee's little feature on my favourite vintage dress. 

Dinner ended up being fish and chips in the park with a friend who was moving to Wellington.  We probably eat WAY more fish and chips than is good for us in summer, but that's just the kiwi way really isn't it!



  1. I just eat too much fish and chips ALL the time, let alone just in Summer!

  2. Oh oh I love bumble bees.
    I love your dress, you look so pretty.
    And always love Fish n Chips!!!!!! Spreading Love!!!
    Love V