Saturday, March 3, 2012

Reduce and revamp: the hardest task for a vintage addict

I don't smoke, am only mildly addicted to alcohol, I don't gamble and I don't max out my credit cards on the latest Louis Vuitton handbag.  But there are two things in life that I can't seem to get a healthy grip on, gourmet foods and vintage hunting.  Now I'm alright with my expensive palate when it comes to food, in fact I almost pride myself on it, but what is becoming a small problem is my vintage addiction!  To be fair it's not just mine, I also happen to have a partner who scavenges, collects and hoards just as enthusiastically as I do.  The result being that it feels like we are being swallowed up by an ever growing mountain of beautiful and curious old treasures.  Our hallway is stacked high with old furniture that I keep insisting I will do up one day, our small carport is full of so much other furniture that it's hard to squeeze past to the back door anymore, and our 'office' barely has room for an office chair.  Quite frankly an intervention is in order!  There is this rule that I heard somewhere once that goes something like 'When you're getting dressed up to go out, take off one accessory before you leave the house'.  I think that's what needs to happen here!  It's time to be ruthless.  The room I especially want to focus on is the bedroom.  It's not a place I particularly like to be at the moment unless it's to sleep.  This is a shame really because it is surrounded in beautiful creepers (in fact they are so dense that we don't even need curtains) and in the afternoon the room is flooded with sunlight.  But other than that the long 1960s built-in dressing table is always piled high with clean clothes that we're too lazy to put away, our double wardrobes are difficult to close from our crazy second hand shopping finds, and the walls are bland and bare except for a large mirror.  So lately I have been hunting around for some inspiration online.  What I really want is somewhere clean and uncluttered, yet cute and fun at the same time.  I love light walls and pops of colour.  I want the bedroom to be a sanctuary away from all the craziness and clutter of the other rooms.

I really think that most of these ideas are very attainable and could almost all be achieved my incorporating vintage items into them.  So maybe it's not so much about getting rid of everything, but rather utilising it better!  If you're ever thinking about redecorating I can highly recommend doing something like this, or creating an inspiration board.  It really helps you to visualise what you would like your end result to be.  Wish me luck!  I'll be sure to post some before and after shots.
P.S Just another little reminder that we will be a the Golden Dawn Gypsy Fair tomorrow. Oh also could you do me a favour and let me know whether you now have to do that word code thing if you leave a message on my blog?  And if so, how I get rid of it?


  1. I really do like the draws on wheels. They are a great storage solution and look awesome!

    Good luck with everything. I really need to do the same at my house too.

  2. I'm afraid I suffer from the same affliction...our little abode is bursting at the seams. I keep on finding fabulous things but I am running out of space for them all. I feel a bit sick every time I open my wardrobe & see the mountain of clothing bulging out, & yet I find it hard to part with any of it! I think I will always be struggling with my inner hoarder!

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    2. Blargh, the comment box won't show up so I had to hit a reply to comment on the post...sorry. Any who! I think these are great ideas and a wonderful way to incorporate all your vintage!


  3. I definitely had the same problem about putting away clothes until we got a new dresser and I stored my pre-baby clothes (until I can fit them again). We just didn't have enough space and so putting away became a chore. Now it's easy and I'm more inclined to do it!

    Love the pictures. Your room sounds lovely, be nice for you to spend more time there. I have a home office I am working out what to do with, so might do the same thing. Pinterest is so good for inspiration - am addicted!

  4. PS Yes the code thingy came up, no idea how to remove, it's called CAPTCHA I think