Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Monday: Links to Love

Cocos Cantina
Well I definitely wasn't expecting to discover a new cafe in my home town through The Selby!  But I did, and Coco Cantina looks amazing.  I will absolutely be checking it out next week sometime!

 Golden Girl of the West
I have been following the blog of Golden Girl of the West for years now.  She is such a vintage chameleon! Seriously this girl can flit between decades like nobody else and make them look fabulous every time.

My Crazy Obsession: Flashback to the 50s
I came across this the other day and kind of loved  it!  I personally wouldn't take my love for vintage this far but I sure admire people who do.  What I found was particularly interesting is that to a lot of people it seems strange to be so obsessed with the past... but if you're part of the vintage community it really seems quite normal!  Anyway I love the fact that she didn't like the way she looked growing up, so she simply created a new image of a person she loved.

Easter Parade (at Katies Pencil Box)
I swooned over this beautiful post about colouring Easter eggs over at Katies Pencil Box.  She used all natural dyes from things like beetroot, turmeric and blueberries, and the result was fantastic.  I don't know how she manages to make all her photos look so stunning all the time, but looking at her blog sure is easy on the eye!

Well that's it for this week, just a few:).  I'm off to enjoy my 4th day of Easter celebrating today.  I swear as of tomorrow I am going on a major sugar/ alcohol free diet for a while!  I've been over indulging in all the best kind of ways but it's time to take a break. 
Hope you all have/ are having a great Easter.


  1. The video of Doris just amuses the heck out of me. It was made for TV...most of the ideas were the television companies. She doesn't wear exclusive vintage (she's a model for various Repro companies like Bettie Page) and she certainly doesn't wear plastic bags on her feet. She also has an iPhone and uses the internet and everything else the same as you or I ;) It's a cute video though...even if completely staged!

  2. Ha ha thanks for clearing that up, I had my doubts! I googled her later and saw that she was in fact a pin up model. It makes for a pretty amusing piece of television though.

  3. How ace is Syd (and Gracie)? She is my stle icon.

    I bloodylove The Selby, although I usually suffer a few hours of house shame after a good Selby session.

    Great links.


  4. Thank you for sharing these links. I'm going to browse them all. I know the Golden Girl of the West since long and can only underline every word you said about her. The Selby is absolutely great and I love to browse it.

  5. I get so excited everytime you do these links,despite knowing it's even more fab reading I can't really fit in,but simply MUST!
    Gonna check these out right now,espcially excited about the obsessions.....
    Ooo,I wore that lovely frock I scored from you recently over the weekend,it'll show up on the blog soon!