Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Monday: Links to Love

 Old age, wrinkles and the early bird special
Sometimes Gala Darling knocks out some fantastic and all inspiring posts! I just loved this one about aging and getting older.  I'm hitting 30 this year which I think is probably one of those points in life where you reassess everything and wonder where the last 30 have gone! Anyway so this post just made me feel a whole lot better about myself.  Did you know that Harrison Ford was going to throw in his acting towel at age 30 and go back to becoming a carpenter?  Thank goodness George Lucas talked him out of it!

Cannelle et Vanille
I can't even begin to tell you how in love I am with this blog! The food, the photos, the overall passion... it's utterly contagious!  I was especially loving this weeks post where the author re-visits her quaint little hometown in the French countryside.  It makes me yearn for Spring time in Europe like nothing else!  It's truly a magical time.

 Bed Bunny 
I added this for no other reason other than because it is so freaking cute!  Come on admit it, you can't help but smile! I recently started following this blog because I was drawn to its fantastic design ideas and bright pops of colour.

Rosina Lee
I love Rosina Lee's recap of the Very Vintage Day Out on Saturday.  She came runner up in the Miss Vintage competition and it was well deserved!  She has been a driving force behind the vintage community in New Zealand and started things like the Rockabilly/ Vintage lifestyle group on Facebook  which has really brought everybody together in a big way.  She also organises the annual Atomic Market in Hamilton and is talented burlesque beauty.  You can check her out on Facebook here.

So there you have it my dears, a few of my favourite links from the week to keep you going on a Monday.   My Monday is going to consist of a trip to the post office, a workout at the gym, a photo session of new stock this avo and an evening of Trade Me listings.
Hope you all have a great one.