Saturday, April 14, 2012

Snippets of the Very Vintage Day Out

Wow what an amazing day!!  I don't think that any of us predicted the incredible turn out that we had.  Crowds of people flocked through the doors as soon as they opened and let me tell you, I have never seen a better dressed bunch of folk!  There were pin up beauties, wartime sweet hearts, perfect 50s house wives, naughty burlesque ladies and some very fine looking gentlemen.  Dashfield Vintage ended up sharing a stall with the oh so talented Miss Tiki and we barely stopped all day!  In fact I nearly got cleared out of stock completely, which was wonderful for when it came to home time and I only had a small armful of clothes to carry back to the car!  I also absolutely loved meeting so many of you and catching up with old and new fellow stall holders.  I don't think that I saw the wonderful ladies at The Vanity Case (go and check them out if you haven't because their make up is amazing.  I treated myself to a new lipstick from them at the end of the day!) beside us stop for even a moment. Unfortunately however it meant that I didn't get much of a chance to take photos, or check out the bands, pin up photo sessions and all the other wonderful things that were going on.  It was a sacrifice I was happy to make though ;).  I didn't even get a photo of myself in my pretty Strawberry Devol dress, there were a few bloggers and photographers who snapped my picture though so hopefully one will emerge soon. With the wild success of this years Vintage Day Out I'm sure there will be an even bigger and better one next year.  Now I am totally exhausted and need to spend the rest of the afternoon on the couch doing absolutely nothing!
I just had to snap a photo of this lady.  She has a broken foot and is still wearing heels!  Now that's what I call dedication!


  1. Fun!! Looks like a wicked event. Hope you can get a photo of you in your dress to put on your blog cose it sound really cool! :)


  2. Great Photo's! It was lovely to see you and catch up and you're stock moved soo quickly! I came back to grab the cream cashmere cardi with crystal buttons but it was gone! We were exhusted after the pagent so headed straight back to Glammy to bed.

    xxx Rosina Lee

  3. Lol at the last pic. We had a woman comeinto our work the other day with a walking stick and high heels and we were all "WTF?"

    The day looks fantastic.

  4. KC - I hope I find one too, I LOVE that dress!

    Rosina Lee - Thank you:). So nice to see you again too (brief as it was). I was completely exhausted yesterday as well... in a very satisfied sort of way though.

    Miss Tallulah - Ha ha yeah it seems that some people are very dedicated to the heel! I'm afraid I'm not!