Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sweetly distressed

 These two furniture pieces have been nagging me for almost a year now.  They were both covered in a thick, hideous enamel paint that required some serious elbow grease to remove.  I finally got stuck in and did it yesterday (there was a bit of swearing and cursing involved) and then I got to this point and realised that I kind of love this distressed look!  Now I'm wondering whether it's just out of laziness or whether I should really leave them like this.  Hmmm. 
P.S What do you think about the brand spanking new banner??  Isn't it amazing!!  I just need to get it made a little bit smaller because it wants to wander off the page right now and isn't quite centered.  It was designed and drawn by one very talented friend of mine who owns Wolf Whistle Studio in London.  I couldn't stop sneaking peeks at it all morning!


  1. Your banner is adorable.

    And I love the shelves. Leave them just like that.

  2. Yes, I'm liking the distressed look too, especially in the first table. Love your new banner. xxx

  3. Thank you:). I'm amazed at how she nailed the banner, suits me perfectly! I think the verdict with the table is definitely to leave it as is!

  4. Thank you, my mother is a potter so I pinched them from her studio!