Monday, May 14, 2012

Bon Voyage

Yay tomorrow morning I'm heading off to the airport to finally make my way down to Christchurch again!  I'm looking forward to snuggling up warm around the fire place, visiting old friends, meeting new ones, hanging out with friends babies and hitting up as many markets and op shops as possible!  The only thing I'm not so keen on is the temperature drop (because it is considered sub-tropical where I live, and not in Christchurch!) and the small threat of earthquakes of course.  But I'm sure it'll be just fine!
I won't be doing any blog posts while I'm away but will attempt to do some warm, snugly Trade Me listings tonight before I leave.  I'm sure there will be plenty to share when I get back though!  Isn't it funny how life goes from slow to insanely busy in such a short space of time!  I definitely prefer the crazy, busy times!
So my dears, have a great week and we shall catch up again next week.
P.S How do you like my latest addition of suitcases??


  1. I am in total envy - those suitcases are FAB - and you are going to Christchurch! Will you see mi amor Helga??? Happy travels! Sarah xxx

  2. That's great that you're so busy, have fun in Chch. xxx

  3. Thank you:)
    Yes hopefully will get to catch up with the lovely Miss Helga!

  4. Dear Dashfield Vintage,

    I have just finished gorging on your delicious blog, reading it from start to finish today (while pretending to work on, you know, clearly less important stuff). It was fabulous and I enjoyed your wonderful pictures of your lovely vintage bits and bobs. Looking forward to fabulous future posts!