Monday, May 7, 2012

Life after Dashfield *warning it's a deep one!*

It has been a couple of weeks now since I decided to shut down  Since then I have been kept busier than ever with Trade Me (isn't it just always that way!) which has me thinking that I might keep it going until I have a more stale job again.  So what next you ask?  Whilst I didn't realise it when I was in the midst of Dashfield Vintage, it has actually opened the doors to some new and wonderful things.  It's a funny thing when the end of one dream makes way for new ones.  I had (and in part still do have)  this wonderful dream where I wanted to open a vintage store with an adjoining cafe.  But then I began to do my homework, I checked out rental prices, talked to other shop owners, wrote up a budget plan (many times).  I filled a whole journal with information, ideas, plans and I don't even know how many sketches for what I wanted the interiors to look like.  And then the economy took a turn for the worst and suddenly vintage stores I had grown up around were shutting down left, right and centre.  Everybody warned me that opening a shop would be financial suicide.  So despite feeling a bit stupid because I had already told everybody, I stopped looking at vacant shops.

Turns out it was probably for the best!  After agonising about it to my mum months later she suddenly said that this whole time I had just talked about wanting a shop so I could make it look pretty.  She very bluntly told me that being the person I am I would probably be bored out of my mind sitting in a shop 6 days a week anyway, so why not save my pennies and get into styling instead.    That set a light bulb off in my head, of course!  Since then I have been working as an assistant interior stylist for magazines and have found that my knowledge and contacts through Dashfield have been beyond helpful.  And further more I am in love with what I do!

I am currently building up a portfolio to take with me to Melbourne so that I can expand on my styling.  And when I get back?  I have a very secret plan for a business idea that lets me continue to collect vintage, use my styling skills and make every job new and exciting.  As well as this in the next five year (because I have been keeping a mental 5 year plan in my head), I want to become an expert photographer, have a couple of babies, get married, get another dog and live happily ever after!

I love blogging and my confidence has grown because of it.  I still remember in the beginning (or actually until about 6 months ago) I was terrified of anybody I knew reading the blog.  It seemed like such a narcissistic thing to be doing and quite frankly I don't even like celebrating my birthday because I hate the attention!  But then I started to meet fellow bloggers,  and have the sweetest readers approaching me at markets and events. This made me realise that it is so much more than just narcissism but establishing a sense of community.  I am genuinely wrapped up in the lives of the bloggers I follow.  I get excited for them when something wonderful happens, and down right sad when it doesn't!

So yes 'life after Dashfield' will definitely involve still blogging.  I want a place where I can share my photos, my travels, my favourite places around town AND of course still my best vintage scores.   I guess you might say it will be more of a lifestyle blog... a vintage lifestyle blog!

I was particularly touched by a post on A Beautiful Mess entitled On Failure, Success and Moving Forward today. I found it very encouraging and thought it was really honestly written.

Phew ok that's all from me for the moment.  I just felt like I owed you a real life update.


  1. I love how up-front and honest you are about all of this! It's really inspiring. It's terrible how many vintage shops are failing lately, but it sounds like styling is working out really well for you. I've styled a handful of photoshoots (fashion ones, that is) and I truly wish I could do more but I don't know how to get further into it! It's pretty much my dream job too. I hope you continue to keep us up to date with your journey and showing us your work!

  2. Oh Yay this is such a wonderful post of dreams and looking forward.
    Your wonderful "life book" is about to start a new and exciting chapter.
    You will be amazing at styling because you will be doing it from the heart and with an eye for beauty.
    All the sweet peas who love your blog will be here sending happy rays of sunshine to you.
    Love v

  3. Yay that's so exciting for you! :) it's nice how something good has come out of something sad/hard :) looking forward to reading more posts on your blog!


  4. It is so good to have dreams and goals. What is that saying? Something about it not being the destination, but the journey. As long as you are creating and having fun.

    What you are doing now sounds both braveand awesome. I would love to see some of the styling you are assiting on, if there is any out there on the web.

    Do you want to know my dream? I want to have a cat cafe, a space combining coffee and cats. They have them in Japan and they just opened one in Austria. I have been harassing my local council health officers (also my colleagues) to let me open one ... they say something abouthygeine laws.. blah blah...

    *raises glass* Here's to dreams and working towrds them.

    PS I am also mortified when people I know discover my blog. I am scared they will think I am naff for taking pics of myself in my (ace) outfits. Only my fashiony online friends understand that is normal and awesome to sharing styling ideas.

  5. I honestly can't thank you guys enough for your sweet comments, you almost had me crying into my coffee this morning!
    Miss Tallulah - You're right, it definitely is about the journey! Imagine how boring life would be if we always achieved our dreams and goals straight away. I cat cafe sounds awesome! I wish I had found one when I was in Japan. We do have one cafe in Auckland (used to be the Atomic cafe in Ponsonby) that is home to the two hugest cats I have ever seen! They lay around on the chairs in the sun and won't move for anybody!

    KC - Thank you:). I look forward to sharing my journey.x

    Two Squirrels - Thank you, thank you:). I know that you know better than anybody what it's like to create something new out of the rubble (pun intended).

    Georgia - I've got to say that trying to find assistant styling work in this country is not easy! And it's even more difficult to convince people to pay you for your work. I literally contacted every magazine and person I could think of to ask if I could assist on a shoot or two. 99% of the time the reply was 'no sorry'. But then you just need one person who is willing to give you a chance, and then they can recommend you to somebody else... and so it begins. I am definitely still in the early stages though but learning a lot. Somebody also gave me so helpful advice which is to do your own work. Grab a friend, pull some outfits together and take some decent photographs. That way if somebody asks to see your work you have something to show them already. Good luck! x

  6. I love your honesty in this post - I feel like I know you a bit better from reading it, and wish you all the best for your endeavours. I am looking forward to following your adventure!