Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The grand opening night of Hold Fast is just over a week away so I've been making the most of these sunny winter days.  Oh yes I've been washing and ironing, sanding and painting, cleaning and organising to my little hearts content.  You see I really wanted for this Dashfield shop to have a DIY feel to it, something which I think represents me perfectly.  I wanted old wooden crates, chalkboards made from old picture frames, handmade hang tags and of course piles of vintage suitcases.  What I hadn't quite calculated on was how much work that required!  It is really important that although there should be a DIY/ vintage feel to things, it by no means should look like a musty second hand shop.  I want for everything to be crisp, clean and bright.  Over the last couple of weeks I have been collecting inspiration and popping it onto my Pinterest site...

To see how it all comes together you'll have to pop by for the opening night next Friday.  You're all invited!!
5b High St (CBD)
6pm - 9pm
Delicious treats and nibbles provided.


  1. Exciting!! :) wish I could pop in and check it out! Hope it all goes well and good luck, hope to see some photos soon :)


  2. What you've done so far looks amazing, well done. A few of us are looking for the right location for a similar pop-up shop in Hawke's Bay - hope we find it soon, you've inspired me! x

  3. Oh sweet how exciting!!!! It sounds like it will be just delightful. You will make it amazing.
    Love v

  4. Looks great! I have a couple of wedding fairs coming up and am admittedly a bit worried about how to pull a stand together. Love the idea of the wooden boxes attached to the wall.