Sunday, July 8, 2012

Around these parts

 You may have noticed that things have been a bit quiet around these neck of the woods lately.  It's the middle of winter here and I have basically gone into total hibernation mode!    I'm a summer kind of girl, I need warmth in order to function properly.  Because Auckland is deemed as being sub tropical we like to pretend that it doesn't get cold.  Most people don't have proper heating, double glazed windows or many other sensible ways of staying warm.  More often than not it seems to be warmer outside than in! Instead we sit around at home wearing our warmest jackets and shivering from top to toe (my fingers are icicles as I type right now!).  In the morning we wake up to seeing the condensation on our breath and a pretty white layer of frost outside.  Madness I tell you, just plain madness!

Ha ha anyway I don't mean to grumble, but to be perfectly honest that's why things have been a little quiet.  It's not all doom and gloom though!  We get to spend every night sprawled in front of the fire place, since the crazy flooding and mist have past we have had crisp clear days that are so perfect for walks on the beach, and endless cups of tea are being drunk so that we have something warm to wrap our hands around.

I promise I'll be a more dedicated blogger again once I defrost ;).
Hope you're all keeping well.


  1. Oh sweet staying warm and drinking tea is the perfect way to make the winter days fade away. Love v

  2. Try that weather with 3 small girls on school holiday, and a large dog, all amping to burn some energy! I relish my quiet evenings curled up with hubby and a blanket! x

  3. It's usually warmer inside in Finland and other Nordic countries during winter than it is in other countries, even if it's much colder outside. We prepare for cold with properly isolated houses, no excuse to pretend the climate is any warmer than it is up here, haha. Sometimes when we go more south we start to complain about how cold it is (inside) and people are like "what, you should be used to it" - yeah, sure, but not inside! :)

    Gosh, it's been a long time since I've been checking out my regular bloglist! It's because of summer I guess... So much to go through!

  4. Two Squirrels - Definitely trying to stay warm, although I do love your winter picnic idea!

    Vic Bibby - Ha ha oh goodness poor you! I couldn't even imagine what that would be like. I do remember that as soon as the rain stopped my mum would heard us all outside with our gumboots on!

    Ina - I know, I remember winter in Germany being nice and warm inside too! It's great that you're making the most of your summer, it doesn't last for long does it?! By the way I still miss your blog :).

  5. I love the top pic, it looks so eerie. I can't wait for autumn here, even though we've not had much of a summer.

  6. I just found your blog and it's just so refreshing and beautiful. Funny, I live in Seattle where it rains constantly... but I think because of the frequency, I never think to stop and take a picture of it.

    Love these pictures. Adding you to my follow list! =)

  7. Pink Bow - It DID feel very eerie. That creepy thick fog hung around day and night. Oh and yes we've been seeing on the news what a terrible summer you guys have been having over there, it doesn't look like much fun at all!

    Kelsea - Oh thank you:) and welcome! Ha ha in winter we get fairly constant rain here too, but rain is what you guys are really famous for isn't it? And grunge of course!

  8. GAWD I love that first pic! You have such a great eye!
    I'm literally just back from the States,and so excited to be able to catch up on all my fave blogs!!! Hope you've been well and happy and getting loads lovin'!
    Ha,we Kiwi's are woefully uninsullated;we spent a packet getting our entire house done in the beginning of the year,what a difference!