Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A supermodel with a weakness for vintage

All images above are from The Selby

Last night I was looking through our copy of The Selby for probably the 20th time (because it's the kind of book where you discover new things every time) and came across the section on Helena Christensen.  You might remember her from the early 90s as one of the mega stunning league of supermodels that came out back then.  I can't say I really knew much about her or particularly cared... until I discovered that she's a vintage nut!  Her home doesn't look the way that most unpersonal, expensive designer homes do belonging to the Hollywood elite, instead it is this beautiful mix of vintage and bohemian interiors that give the place real personality.  I was even more surprised to learn that she used to in fact own a vintage store called Butik!

Who would have thought eh!  I also learned that she become a self taught photographer, and a pretty damn good one at that.  I think I've found my new supermodel crush :).

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  1. I've always loved Helena, she's so beautiful, and I love her Bohemian fashion style. I've never seen her home though, it's pretty gorgeous, and I'm in love with that puppy! x