Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Playing with nostalgia

I almost always use my beloved little Canon G12 to take photos.  In fact it is permanently in my bag and comes everywhere with me.  Up until now I have always just used it on programme and never really bothered to explore any of the other functions.  Well this morning I discovered it has a fun little gimmick function called nostalgia.  I rather wanted to try it out so wandered about the house taking snapshots of random bits and pieces.

1. Testing, testing 1 2 3
2. My old wooden chest in the living room with the latest prints we bought at the pop up shop.  We still need to get them framed and decide where to hang them.
3. I inherited this stunning chest of drawers from my grandmother when she passed away.  I think it actually belonged to my great- grandmother though initially.  My mum had it shipped all the way from Germany just for me.
4. I have a bunch of old photos on my dresser of my parents.  They were pretty young when they met and had me.  My mum came from a well to do upper class German family, and my dad was a refugee from a little unknown country called Eritrea.  My favourite photo is from when they first met.  They both look so young and smitten!
5. A left over birthday banner that still hangs in Nic's office from last year.
6. I can't remember exactly where I bought this.  I think it may have been from a market in London.  It still makes me smile.
7. I once bought a huge lot of hats from a sweet old lady who had been collecting them most of her life.  I particularly loved this one with its delicate velvet flowers, so it now hangs in the bedroom disguising an ugly light.



  1. O,I adore those drawers! We have G's Great Aunts drawers,and I am so thrilled,as I have nothing from my family!We also have his Mother's hope chest, which I should find out more about.
    I'd love a flasher camera, but I wouldn't really know what to do with it! I like the tome the nostalia setting has given to the pix. X

  2. Oh what lovely pics sweet!!! You look super cute in the reflection.
    The hat is gorgeous, I love the wee velvet flowers.
    Love v

  3. Very cool, I loved seeing all your treasures. Those are the things that really make a home. x

  4. Lovely photos! I am glad that you brought out that camera! You have such great items, decor, and style!