Monday, August 20, 2012

The bedroom/ baby room makeover

That Bohemian Girl

Our bedroom has always been my least favourite room in the house.  The walls are off white, the carpet is beige, the bedding is white, and even the lampshade is a yellowy beige colour.  I find it completely uninspiring and a place I really only go to sleep.  I've really wanted to give it a makeover since we moved in here.  There's no money in the budget for major paint jobs or anything like that but there is certainly a lot I can do with accessories to inject some colour into this place!  As well as making it brighter and more cosy, we also have to factor in that in February there are going to be three of us sharing the room (but more on that in a post to come)!  So it's going to be our bedroom/ nursery.  To be honest that has been my biggest inspration for finally tackling this project, I want to create a beautiful, cosy, colourful space for our little one to grow up in.  

I have two main rules for this makeover.  Any new furniture/ accessory additions must be either hand made, vintage or  eco friendly.  I have absolutely no intention of heading off to my nearest homeware store and going on a shopping spree.  For a new bedspread and baby blanket/baby toys I have my sights set on our local Trade Aid store.  They have the most amazing fabrics and designs, and it does well for my conscience to know that by spending my money there I am helping to improve somebody elses quality of life.  Everything is also made from naturally dyed fabrics, and beautiful materials like alpaca.

There are also a couple of other great stores around town that operate in a similar style.  Furniture will definitely be a DIY job!  I am on the look out for the perfect old bedside table to refurnish.  
I also want there to be plenty of plants and flowers in beautiful old vases, as well as some carefully placed wall hangings.  I know it sounds a bit crazy but I want all this without making the room too cluttered!  We have a terrible habit of dumping our clothes on the old dresser and throwing our shoes in the corner when we go to bed at night.  It's a terribly lazy habit that we desperately need to stop!

Which takes me to my next project.  The wardrobe makeover!  I won't go into detail about that now... but I am about to do a ruthless clean out!  I am expecting in the next few weeks that my belly will go from looking like I have eaten too many pies, to actually being obvious that there's a little person in there.  Because of that (and just because I am so incredibly sick of all my clothes) I need to pick out what is going to be wearable over the next little while, what should get put away for post baby days and what has done its time and needs to be gotten rid of.  In a bid (and a personally challenge) to save some money, I am setting myself the goal of only being able to spend money that I have made from selling my old wardrobe.  Phew but like I said, that's for another post!


  1. Omg Malayka, this is so exciting! Congratulations! You will be the coolest mum ever.

  2. Wow, super exciting post! First all those gorgeous images (most are going straight to my Pinterest page), and then your baby news - congratulations. I'm a frequent Trade Aid shopper, and my love of beautiful ethnic design is what prompted me to import the Kantha quilts I stock in Cush & Nooks -so divine, and what inspired our bedroom makeover. x

  3. Awww thank you! I'm so excited to become a mama, ha ha and probably just as excited by the idea of reliving my own childhood through somebody else! xx

  4. Vic... Ooo fantastic, I'll have to pop over and check them out in your store! And thank you:)

  5. Oh, congrats. You're expecting. That's so exciting. xxxx

    I am about to do a bedroom makeover, too. And like you, it is my least fav room.

    I LOVE that little camel!!

  6. Hooray, congratulations! So excited for you. Will come bearing baby gifts in January!

  7. Miss Tallulah - Thank you:). Ooo and make sure you share how your bedroom turns out!

    Brooke - You're coming home in January??? That's fantastic news, I'm SO excited!

  8. Holy shit,congratulations baby makers!!! EEEK!
    Gawd,these fabulous rooms make me want to pull my hair out!