Friday, September 14, 2012

16 weeks

Dress - vintage/ Cardigan - Kookai/ Gumboots - The Warehouse/ Hair flower - Handmade by Saba
Photos - Nic Fletcher

Oh and earlier in the afternoon I had an audience!

...16 weeks and 5 days to be specific!  Every week that passes I become more comfortable with the idea of being pregnant, and more excited to meet this little person.  I have started to make use of the old hair tie around the jeans button hole trick which seems to be working a treat.  My belly has definitely risen in the past few days.  Even though the bump is still small, it looks more like a pregnant bump rather than a 'lay off the pies lady' kind of bulge!  I have been truly overwhelmed by the flood of advice and support that has been coming in from mama friends.  And we've already managed to score ourselves a baby bath and car seat (a pre-loved but safe one from a very reliable person).  Every now and then I catch a glimpse of it sitting in the corner of the room and get a little burst of shock at the realisation that in the not too distant future there will be a little person sitting in it.  OUR little person!

Other than that this kid has been treating me really well so far.  We went for our 4 month check up at the midwife yesterday and everything appears to be going great.  I'll probably never get sick of hearing that racing little heartbeat.  We also discussed a few important things like deciding not to get any scans unless there is reason for concern (and of course if there is even the smallest doubt we will get one immediately).  It's always difficult to decide things that go against the norm, but all three of us feel very confident in our decision.

I'm starting to establish routines now that help me get the most out of my days.  For example I know now that if I'm in bed any later than 10:30pm, I'll be dragging my feet all of the next day and won't be productive.  For that I am awake at 6:30am most mornings with the dawn chorus (a big garden and forest surrounds our house so the birds go a little crazy) and a flood of sunshine.  Serves me right for not wanting curtains in the bedroom (because I LOVE to lay in bed at night and gaze up at the stars).  I also know that I need to keep food on hand at all times.  I've always had to eat a lot and frequently, but I get the feeling like it's going to get a lot more extreme soon!
P.S whoa just as I was starting my dinner (and finishing this post) I really felt the kid  move properly for the first time.  What a weird sensation! I had to jiggle around on my seat a little bit to get it to settle down, otherwise I'm not sure I could have finished eating!


  1. Oh that is so cool that your little person moved - its an amazing sensation to know that there is life within you. You look gorgeous and it sounds like you are enjoying your pregnancy and being very sensible. You must be very excited. I am looking forward to reading your posts and watching you and your baby grow.

  2. Thank you Penny :). Ha ha yes feeling it move freaked me out for a minute until I realised what it was! I didn't expect for it to be so wriggly!

  3. You look so cute. It must be so fun/weird/scary/exciting to be growing a little one.

    Who is your cow friend? She is lovely.