Friday, September 28, 2012

Week 18

  Dress - The Vested Gentress (vintage)/ Gumboots - The Warehouse/
 Hair flower - The local market place in Tonga

Ladies and gentlemen we have ourselves a real mover and shaker here!  After a couple of weeks of feeling pretty rotten and tired, I realise now that this kid was gearing up for a growth spurt!  Just as I was starting to worry a little bit that I wasn't feeling as many pokes and prods as in the previous week, everything suddenly kicked into action.  Last night Nic was talking to my stomach in silly voices and all of a sudden I feel a wiggle and my belly develops a very distinguished bump.  Nic swears he could feel a foot, but I'm not too sure that it might still be a bit early to detect particular body parts.  Since then there has been so much squirming and prodding that I wonder if it's ever going to get tired!  It's both incredibly cute and pretty freaky at the same time!  I can't even imagine how weird it's going to be when it gets bigger and my whole belly is visibly moving.

Aside from still being pretty tired (I'm asleep in the evenings before my head hits the pillow... kind of a nice change for somebody who has often struggled with insomnia) my biggest issue has been my poor back. I have had chronic back and neck pain for years but sort of always tried to ignore it and disguised it with pain killers.  Well obviously now that's out of the question, and as I get heavier in the front, my back becomes increasingly painful.  Again this seems to have come with its positives though because it has meant that I am finally getting around to having it fixed! What a nice change it is not to have a constant headache!

Other than that we are just watching in awe as my body changes and grows on what seems like a daily basis.  I feel like a bit of a science exhibition right now!  In fact the dress I have on in this photo is the same one I wore to my sisters wedding on Tuesday, and now by Saturday it is about as snug around the belly as it can get.  Annoying really because it is my absolute favourite dress and I was hoping to get a little bit more wear out of it!  Off into storage it goes though.  Oh and have I told you about my bosom department?!  I finally went and got a proper bra fitting and what do you know... I've shot up to an F cup.  An F CUP!!  Never in my life did I think I would get that big but I here I am, I look like I have giant fake implants!  He he too much information??


  1. You look gorgeous, I loved that time in my pregnancies. You can imagine what it was like with me feeling two sets of little feet prodding and kicking me at once with the twins. x

  2. Ha ha oh my goodness I can hardly imagine what twins would be like! The whole idea of having a little person wiggling around in your belly always seems slightly creepy... but by then you've already developed this insane love for the baby that everything it does is just cute. I'm sure you felt the same way about your girls!

  3. You look so beautiful! That must be so amazing to start really experiencing the movement and kicking, and a bit crazy too. Haha, well that's one thing I'm looking forward to when I get pregnant...some growth in the bosom department, haha.


  4. Lol I told you its weird to watch the baby move! freaks me out everytime lol. as for the body I have bounced from A to a large C which is pretty novel esp for burlesque.

  5. You look pretty my dear, lovely photo :)

  6. Hello hello :) I spotted a comment you left on someone's blog about being pregnant- I am due March 4th! Thought I would say hello and introduce myself! My name is Jes, I live in the US (in Rhode Island) and am excitedly expecting this little one! I, also, went to get myself a proper new bra or two and am also an F! haha it is pretty wild! Thankfully I've been a DD for some time, so it's not terribly odd getting used to these girls at this size, but it is still a shock. I'm 18 weeks today- not sure I'm feeling any movement yet. Nothing I'd describe as fluttering or like a fish swimming around, as I've heard some say- just lots of little pokes and stabs. Ultrasound on Wednesday and we hopefully find out who's in there! :) Good luck through the rest of your pregnancy- I look forward to keeping up with you throughout the process!!! xo Jes

  7. Thank you for your sweet comments :).
    Emma: Ha ha yeah the big bosom bit is a bit of a novelty! As long as they don't get too much bigger!
    Rosina: It is a bit freaky when the baby moves! And let me tell you, this kid moves ALL the time! Ooo yes enjoy your new burlesque boobs, I couldn't imagine tassel twirling mine though... ouch.
    Karoline: Thank you :)
    Petunia: Oh congratulations!! It sounds like you must be exactly one week behind me. Ha ha yeah I was a DD before as well, but oh my goodness an F cup just looks HUGE. Good luck with the ultra sound. I feel like this kid went from nothing to full on movements where I see my stomach change shape, so bizarre! x