Friday, October 5, 2012

Week 19

Dress - The Vested Gentress (vintage)/ Gumboots - The Warehouse
Photo's by Saba Yoseph

Sorry I spent too much time goofing off this morning so we didn't end up getting a single good shot... instead I'll just post some of these silly ones (showing my true colours really!)

Well I admit we're actually at the very end of week 19... tomorrow we'll be half way!!  This week the kid has been getting more active than ever, I think we got ourselves a regular little acrobat here.  It's funny but before I got pregnant I thought the idea of having this little person kicking around in your belly was nothing short of creepy.  Now I love it!  I'm really starting to notice that the kid has a very definite rhythm for being awake and being asleep.  Without fail, every morning at 11am it's action time and the wriggling begins.  It also gets awfully excited whenever there is loud music or I'm at the cinema (let me tell you it was ALL on the other night when we went to a screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show).  Oh and I get told off from down below if I get into a grumpy mood too.

I suppose this is the week when a lot of people would be getting their scan and finding out what colour to paint the nursery!  Because we've decided not to it's all a bit of a guessing game.  I am (and have been from the beginning) 99% certain that it's a girl... ha ha which probably means it's a boy!  The girls hugely out weigh the boys on my side of the family so I think there is a good chance it's a her.  Nic is adopted so we don't know anything about his family which is sort of strange but exciting at the same time.  It also brings up the fact that we have absolutely no clue what this little one is going to looks like!  I am half German and half Eritrean (which is such a crazy mix that I could have anything from Italian, to Arabic, to Portuguese in my gene pool).  We're assuming that Nic is of good old kiwi stock.  He has blonde hair and green eyes with a tendency to tan well in summer!  So you see, the physical appearance of this kid is going to be just as much of a surprise as the gender I think!

Now that I'm getting my back problems sorted, I'm actually feeling quite good.  I still get incredibly tired in the afternoons and am not much fun to be around if I don't have an afternoon nap.  Also as my belly gets bigger I am noticing that my skin is getting rather itchy.  So I'm lathering myself even more in oils!  Also I've come to the conclusion that I hate maternity bra's, aghhh they are so uncomfortable that I would rather just not wear one when I'm at home.

That's it for baby talk this week I think, we're just chugging along quite nicely.   Oh did you see Bleubird Vintage's adorable little man that arrived this week?  It really made me wish that time would hurry up so that I can meet my little person :).


  1. Oh gorgy!!! I have been slathering on the bio oil and Almond oil to ease the itcy and so far no stretch marks.Hmm must get a pic done today I love how you are documenting week to week, it will be a nice memory for your child to look at. xxx

  2. Fingers crossed that we both get away with being stretch mark free! Yes, yes would love to see more photos of you :)!

  3. You are looking lovely! Glad your back problems are getting straightened out. We had our ultrasound on Wednesday and found out IT'S A GIRL!!! I thought boy in the beginning... but the last few weeks or so, I have been feeling like it was a girl and I was right! I am too much of a control freak to wait until the delivery ;) She is either going to be Charlotte (Charlie for short) or Luella (after hub's grammy). I hadn't felt her move until Wednesday night! What an amazing feeling! The ultrasound tech said she has strong biceps and thighs so she must be getting a real workout in there. I've got to get myself some bio oil... No marks so far, and no itchies yet, thankfully. I hear you on those afternoon naps! I end up falling asleep by 9:30 at night and waking up around 4... So those naps are a definite must! Love the silly shots :) Hope you keep feeling good!!

    xo J

  4. PS They're not nursing bras, but for the time being, I have purchased a couple of bras by the brand Panache and I love them! I have heard good things about Fantasie too, but have yet to try one. They are at least a bit more attractive and more like something I would normally wear, and pretty comfortable! I definitely prefer sports bras at home though!

  5. His Girl Friday - He he thanks, I'm sure there will be more to come!

    Petunia - How exciting!!! Congratulations. And both those names are beautiful! I constantly myself referring to the baby as her. I'm going to feel so guilty if it ends up being a little boy! Thank you for the bra tips by the way. I think I'm, going to go to the mall today and try on some more unmaternity bra's because the ones I have are no fun at all. xx

  6. Lovely blog! I adore it!
    I just started following you on GFC! It would mean the world to me if you return the love back to me!
    Have a great week and continue the great work!

  7. Cute pics. Yes, my 20 week scan was when I found out I was carrying twins - bit of a shock, but a good one, luckily. You're absolutely right, wether you know the sex or not, it's still so exciting to finally meet your little bub, wondering what a blend of the two of you will look like! x

  8. Vic Bibby - Oh my goodness really?? That must have come as a huge shock!

  9. Bloody hell,I've been pissing up and about and have missed so much!
    19 weeks?! Crikey! You're looking blooming lovely-boom,boom!
    I've never had the urge to procreate,but am endlessy amazed by our ability to do so! And I always think mixed background children are the most beautiful!
    I've been persusing your Trade Me stuff;as a favourite seller, I find out pretty quick,(well,my only one)and I'm right on in there dribbling and hoping there'll be something close to my size.....
    Nursery! Gagging to see it! Get ON with it, would you?!

    O,I didn't get the lobster roll thingy.....I really did want to try it, but just didn't get there.Had great pizza though! XXX

  10. Hello! I would like to invite you to know my blog, Fancy? ;) Kisses!