Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Monday: Links to love (getting inspired)

On Happiness
I can't remember how I got onto this post but I just loved it.  It's all about being grateful for what you have and not letting yourself be bogged down by all the things you don't have/ haven't achieved.  It gave me one of those really clear light bulb moments where you go 'oh yeah, that's right, my life is awesome!'.

 Getting Shit Done
Okay a title like this is always going to grab my attention!  I am always curious to read about the experiences of small business owners and people working from home.  This is a really great interview with Kathleen from BRAID who appears to really have it sorted!

 Fake it and you always make it
Have you ever been to Sarah Wilson's blog before?  It's a great place to hide away in and have a read if you're ever feeling low on inspiration about anything from your health to your job.  I'm only just discovering the importance of saying YES to jobs, even if at the time you think you may be in over your head.  Some how we always pull through though don't we?  And it's exhilarating to conquer a fear or achieve something you didn't know you could.

 The Blogcademy 
Blogger conferences and meet ups seem to be very popular in America.  I'm sure people get a lot out of them and it most be pretty exciting to meet these people in person whose lives you have probably been stalking from a distance for years.  When this one popped up on Gala Darlings blog I couldn't help but hope that she might share some of her knowledge to those of who couldn't make it.  I mean lets face it, she is the queen of inspiration and the 'you can do anything you want' attitude!


  1. I love these blog posts of yours - finding new and inspiring blogs and websites is always fab!

    Thanks for your recent comment on my blog - funny you should ask that question... I'm in the early stages of setting up an interior decorating and styling business with a friend. Can't wait to get it up and running, soon. x

  2. YOU are inspiring! I loved this post. I cannot be reminded enough to remember to be grateful for the here and now. Thank you!