Sunday, December 2, 2012

Happy Monday: Links to love (best online baby/ kid stores)

 Oli E Lui
We discovered this store at the Wellington markets over the weekend.  I completely fell in love with EVERYTHING!!  All the pieces from this shop have been hand made by a Gisborne mama and are in beautiful fabrics like soft merino.  I ended up buying a little pair of green and white striped leggings, but plan to get a whole lot more from them online.

Donna Wilson
 I only discovered this store this morning.  Unfortunately with the exchange rate being the way it is I probably won't be doing much more than admiring, but oh my goodness this stuff is cute!!  Lots of bright colours, kooky prints and delicious fabrics.

Little Hip Squeaks
 I have been agonising for weeks (if not months) over the blankets in this Etsy shop.  We always joke that this baby is going to look just like its papa and come out with a perfect moustache (it better not actually!), so these organic cotton baby blankets seem kind of perfect.  The chevron prints are to die for as well, particularly I think I'm drawn to the colours!

 Bobo Choses
Uh oh, another shop with 'way too cute' little hand printed designs.  I'll take one of everything please!

There are SO many other great kiddie stores out there that I could go on listing all day.  I've really had fun lately hunting down local designers for amazing handmade pieces.  You would think that they might cost you an arm and a leg, but often I've found that they are actually the same price if not cheaper than store bought ones.  And the quality of fabric is also much better, plus it feels really good to support small local business!  If you're not sure where to start then I would definitely recommend starting at your local weekend markets, there are some very talented people out there :).

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