Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Confessions of an ever changing vintage junkie

 I don't know about you but I've gone through many fazes and fads over the years.  I don't mean this in the mainstream fashion sense but in a vintage one.  It dawned on me recently that my vintage fashion sense has grown, matured and adjusted itself right alongside my own transformations.

It began in high school when we would bus into 'town' (a pretty big deal considering we lived out in the country) and hit the recycle clothing stores to hunt for old baseball t-shirts, old man pants, baby doll dresses etc.  Hey it was the 90s after all! 
Then when I moved to Europe I got hooked on flea markets.  I eagerly searched them out in every town I visited and spent my weekends trawling for 1970s jeans, sheepskin jackets and retro Adidas jackets.  Hey we were just rolling into the new millennium!  By the time I moved back to New Zealand I was about ready to move on from my 'Almost Famous' look and try out something new. 
We suddenly discovered hardcore and punk music, skull tattoos, leopard print everything and anything, swallow patches, multi coloured hair, fishnet stockings and I'm embarrassed to say studded belts.  Yeah we put the current emo trend to shame, we practically paved the way for them!  
That led me on to discover psychobilly music and the realisation that you can look like a bombshell beauty but still be one of the boys!  I fell into a world of pin ups and burlesque bunnies, of Bettie Page and Tempest Storm, of the reddest lipsticks and the biggest victory rolls.  I was at every classic car show, every rockabilly/ psychobilly gig and truly began my vintage dress collection.
And now you ask?  Well I'm currently sitting here in a leopard print skirt that I bought in a second-hand shop in London years ago and have a white ribbed wife beater singlet pulled over my giant belly... so you might say that some habits are hard to break.  On the other hand I feel myself rolling into the next faze.  My tight dresses are slowly being replaced by brightly coloured, flowing 70s dresses, embroidered cotton blouses and my favourite old jeans jacket has miraculously made its out of storage and back into the wardrobe.  I guess I'm more about comfort these days and it definitely suits my changing lifestyle better.
So I'm curious, have you also found that your style has evolved and grown?  Or have you always stood strongly by one style?


  1. My style is evolving, during school it was very hippy chic, tye dye, velvet, jeans with the flare added in, then into punk, then corporate / designer junkie.I love Rockabilly and classic 50's but not so purest now, I find myself leaning towards the boho and more feminime and mixing up the vintage with the new. I think it is also the age, now If I like it then I will entrepret it into my style and wear it.
    Great post xx

  2. You're a bit like me: it's been everything from grunge, heavy metal, glam, hardcore, punk, psychobilly, rockabella, burlesque, you name it. Right now I'm going all 70's cowboy most of the time (and some days something completely different) :) And I'm definitely dressing more comfortably these days, too!

  3. Hello I have just beencatching up on your blog. You look beautiful - I think the flowing dress really suits you. I liked reading about your evolving style - I can't imagine you in skulls and leopard print. As for my own style, its constantly evolving. What is constant though is my love of colours!!

  4. O,yes, my style is ever evolving!
    In my teens I was into New Romantic-this was the early 80's-and then I got into what was known at the time as "trendy" (apparently), wehich was kinda punky fashionista-ish, then I was heavily into Goth for many years....I've always loved historical clothing, but was more interested in the pre-1920's whilst wearing any clothing that took my fancy, regardless of era. I could never be a purist, but nowadays wear mostly 50's-80's, I suppose. I just don't want to look like anyone else!
    YOU are looking blooming gorgeous!