Saturday, January 12, 2013

Snippets of the week

1. Corn, corn everyday!
2. Busy making baby blankets out of old fabrics that my mum used to make clothes out of for me.
3. Our neighbours this week were feeling the heat too.
4. The beautiful reward for my gardening efforts!  I noticed it only opens up when the sun is out.
5. My lovely little sister doing what she does best and looking fabulous while doing it! ;).
6. Pool party!
7. Almost died when I found these zucchini blossoms at the markets today for only a dollar a bag.  Planning to stuff and fry them Tuscan style.
8. My big tanned belly.  It's so darn hot right now that it gets to spend a lot of time at the beach or in the pool.
9.  My office this week.  Not bad really is it?!


  1. Oh Frankie Spaces!!!!! I can't look at it and not get sad!!!! So many of the things in the photographs with us are gone.
    Anyway look at you beautiful mummy to be!!!!!!
    Happy happy summer pics.
    Love v

    1. Oh I know you poor thing :(. At least you will always have your beautiful place documented in a great book! xx