Monday, January 14, 2013

Sunday morning treasure hunting

I'm at the markets most weekends buying my fruit and vege's but these days I have a pretty strict LOOK don't TOUCH policy when it comes to all those amazing antique treasures there.The Browns Bay markets are still an old school real flea market (lots of old junk and very few crappy plastic Chinese toys), in fact most of the stall holders have been working at their trade for many decades.  They're extremely chatty, always have a great story to tell and are fantastic at selling you random things you never knew you wanted!  I could come home with a truck load of goodies every week, but our little house is bursting at the seams, it literally can't handle anymore stuff crammed into it (imagine the trouble we had trying to make room for a few baby things!).  So I try not to collect so much these days.  This Sunday however a certain somebody was passed out on the couch with a hangover from hell, and I woke up early feeling better rested than ever.  So I thought I might just be sneaky and treat myself.
When all my vege's were bought I counted my left over pennies and decided to 'invest' (that's what the store holder kept saying) in some of my favourite childhood Enid Blyton books for the kid.  At a dollar a book it was hard not to.  The only thing I forgot is that this old guy never stops talking!
"So you're from Northern England then are you?", he asked me.
Errrr not even close.  And then I made the mistake of telling him that I was half German... so naturally the was stories came pouring out!
Then I happened to wander past one of my favourite stalls belonging to an elderly couple I had often worked beside at vintage markets.  I spotted this fantastic plate that reminded me so much of Nic, so for another dollar I snapped that up to.  They congratulated my numerous times on the baby and the husband beckoned me closer to whisper the secrets of a successful marriage into my ear.
By the time this amazing bag caught my eye I was actually on my way to the car (I had run out of hands to carry everything).  I begged the guy to hold onto it for me while I ran waddled to throw my things in the car and grab some more cash.  Who cares if I shouldn't have and am yet to figure out where to put it.  I fell in love!
Phew and by 10:30am it was so hot and humid that this mama had to come home and wrap a cold towel over her shoulders to cool down.


  1. I love your new old treasures! I saw a set of those same plates at a local Brissy op shop last week, I left them behind due to my home bulging at the seams as well. Enjoy the remaining time before your beautiful bubba arrives! I'll be following all of your updates! Xx